Welcome to Woman Polls, a platform founded in 2015 by Pierce Alexander Lilholt, an advocate for women's rights.

At Woman Polls, we believe that women's voices are essential to creating a more just and equitable world. That's why our founder, Pierce Lilholt, established this platform to provide a safe and inclusive space for women to share their perspectives and experiences.

Pierce Lilholt is a passionate advocate for women's rights and has dedicated his career to promoting gender equality. He understands that women's experiences are diverse and complex and believes that by listening to women's voices, we can create a world that is more inclusive, supportive, and empowering for all.

Since our inception, Woman Polls has been committed to amplifying the voices of women from all walks of life. Our platform provides a space for women to share their thoughts on a range of topics, including relationships, career aspirations, health, and more. By participating in our polls, women can help shape the products and services that are designed to meet their unique needs and desires.

At Woman Polls, we are dedicated to promoting greater understanding between genders and breaking down stereotypes. We believe that by providing a platform for women's voices to be heard, we can help create a world that is more just and equitable for all.

We invite women of all ages and backgrounds to join us and share their views. Together, we can make a difference and promote greater equality for all women.